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Name:Dion Alain Rousseau
Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:Soho, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Dion Alain Rousseau is the second son born to Etienne Rousseau, Ambassador of France to the United Kingdom, and Noelle St. Pierre, Principal Ballerina for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris. They met when Noelle was performing in London, and a whirlwind affair resulted in Noelle discovering she was pregnant. They decided to get married and Noelle moved to London, putting her career on hold to raise her son, Cheyne. Two years later, they welcomed a second son, Dion, who was born deaf. Being relatively close in age, the boys grew up close with Cheyne taking his role as big brother very seriously. Alongside being taught to read and write, Cheyne was taught Sign Language so he would always be able to talk with his brother and take care of him.

Dion lived a normal life and with their parents ensuring he had the best help he could have to live with his disability. It was Cheyne who had a lifelong dream to follow in his mother's footsteps and become a dancer. He started ballet classes from four years old and when he was 18, he was accepted into the The Royal Ballet in London where he danced for two years. Eventually, Cheyne moved on from The Royal Ballet and accepted the position of Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet and moved to the USA, with Dion going with him to attend college there.

Never having been able to hear in his life, Dion hasn't seen his disability as an incapacity. He had the best care and aids to help him live a normal life. Sign Language and lip reading were just normal for him from a young age. With the help of hearing aids, he has some limited hearing as to the sounds of words, though it has never been close to normal hearing. If you've never had something, you don't miss it. He can talk, but his speech is understandably limited because he doesn't know how sounds work. With Cheyne brilliantly following in their mother's footsteps, Dion had absolutely no rhythm whatsoever. He loved watching his brother dance - one of his favourite things in the world - but he wanted to work with hearing impaired people. He chose to become a nurse and attended nursing school in New York when Cheyne scored the role of Principal Dancer with the New York Ballet.

Dion now works with hearing impaired children as a nurse for a hearing specialist doctor in the City. He runs a supported playgroup for the patients and their parents or carers adjusting to living with a hearing impaired child. He loves his job and feels very fortunate to have had the opportunities he does, though he obviously suffers from judgement for his disability. This is one thing Cheyne has no tolerance for and as much as Dion wishes it could be like water off a duck's back for him, the judgement hurts.

The worst moment of his life was when he and Cheyne were in a car accident. They were driving home from the airport after visiting their parents in London. Dion would always take his hearing aids out for flying because the pressure in the plane on the flight had him suffering motion sickness. He hadn't put them back in after with both of them planning to just go home to bed to sleep off jetlag. Dion didn't hear the crash. He was completely blindsided and next thing he knew, they had been run off the road by reckless driver and their car slammed into a tree. Cheyne had been slumped unconscious and bleeding in the driver's seat. Dion only suffered minor injuries. Cheyne wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse, so Dion, acting purely on adrenaline, got him out of the car and started to perform CPR on him. He was later told it saved Cheyne's life.

Dion is a sweet and easygoing guy, though the limitations on interacting with people can be tough sometimes. He doesn't really date, though he would definitely be interested. He just gets worried about being a burden to someone. Lip reading can only go so far and can be a real dampener on a romantic mood. He enjoys meeting knew people and highly respects those who are happy to chat with him despite the limitations, and without judgement. Dion's best friend, Shane Sanchez, is determined to play cupid having just started a sweet romance himself, though Dion continues to remain skeptical and has reservations about putting himself out there on the dating scene.

Dion is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Dion is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Kristopher Turner, who belongs to himself.

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